Flickering lights, outlet that doesn’t work properly and breaker tripping are inconvenient in any home.  They are also common signs of electrical problems hidden behind the wall. If you are concerned about your electrical system, or experience any electrical issues, we are the expert electricians for you.

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At Electrilex, we are electrical safety experts. We do not look for a quick fix. Your home and family’s safety are our priority. Our professional electrician will evaluate and diagnose your electrical system issues before providing you with different options and solutions. After your approval, we will make sure that the problem is solved. When work is done, our expert electricians will complete Free Electrical Safety Inspection to ensure your electrical system is safe and up to the current electrical code.

We are knowledgeable, licenced and qualified to diagnose and repair any electrical problem in your home. Our work is satisfaction guaranteed, because we are confident in our ability and experience. And so should you!

 Do not compromise safety on your home and family, call Electrilex now  and we will take care of all your electrical concerns.