We test, measure, identify EMF and RF radiation sources, and provide solutions to reduce or eliminate these exposures whenever possible.

We live in an era that is highly dependent on electricity and new technology. From the electrical wiring, appliances, cell phones, to WI – FI network and devices at home, each of these commodities produces different types and intensities of electromagnetic radiation. For some people, certain levels of electromagnetic field can be disturbing and can negatively impact their health. As EMF exposure is cumulative, it is important to taking steps to reduce your daily exposure to EMF radiation to improve your well-being.

Elevated levels of EMF in homes are often linked with old knob&tub wiring, net currents on metal gas and water pipes, improperly grounded and bonded devices as well as neutral shearing circuits. This is where we come in to help you: We have knowledge and experience in fault-finding and repairing wiring and grounding mistakes which are in many cases electrical code violations and should be fixed. They can cause electrical shocks, overloading and even fire.

We can design and install your own low-EMR electrical system and reduce RF exposure. Our techniques and materials fully comply with the electrical code and safety authorities. Call us today to find out how we can help to limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation.