With the increasing power costs and environmental concerns, more and more home owners from Montreal and the West Island area are looking for ways to save on energy. At Electrilex, we understand you. Here are some of the solutions our energy-saving experts suggest. These will make your home more energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and will help you save money on your electric bill.

Electricity measuring devices
These devices helps homeowners like you manage their electricity costs by monitoring electricity usage, giving you helpful information to assist with reducing your bill.

Programmable thermostats
Nearly half of your energy bill goes to heating and cooling. You can save a significant amount of money by having our expert team install the latest electronic programmable thermostats. Do not forget to ask for our newest electrical heating solutions too.

Our Home electricians can install timers that fit your needs. These devices are specifically programmed to minimize energy consumption, such that you won’t waste or pay unnecessarily for energy you don’t need. Your bathroom fan, exterior lights, or pool circulation pump will be timely set to reduce your electric bill, while you are away from home.

Dimmers allow you to adjust light levels according to your needs and add ambiance to a house. Another great advantage is that they can help you reduce your energy use. With installed dimmers alone, you can save as much as 4-9% in electricity and significantly increase the life of your light bulbs too. Call Electrilex today to book an appointment. Our expert electrician will provide all the solutions to you.

Motion, occupancy and vacancy sensor
Motion sensor lighting options is yet another solution we recommend to help you save on your electric bill. In addition to being eco-friendly, they increase your family’s security and offer the convenience of ‘hands-free’ switching!

At Electrilex, we can also install occupancy sensors in low-traffic areas of your home like the bathroom, basement, attic, crawlspace and closet. These automatically turn the lights ON when motion is detected and automatically turn them OFF when motion is no longer recorded. Your lights will no more stay ON for hours or even days on end. An equally convenient alternative is to have us install vacancy sensor lights, which are turned ON manually but turn OFF by themselves in the absence of motion, when an area is vacated for example. To learn more about how you can save money and help protect our environment, contact us today to have an expert residential electrician assist you.

Choosing the right light bulb for your needs
Changing existing incandescent bulbs to either a Compact Fluorescent bulb (CFL) or a LED-style bulb will reduce your power bills and help you save money. While great for the office, our expert electricians do not recommend CFL lighting for residential use. One of the smartest and safest decisions you can make to protect your home and your family is to upgrade any existing standard incandescent or ‘Energy Saving’ CFL bulbs with LED, the newest generation bulbs. LED lights are sometimes more expensive, but they dramatically reduce power consumption. As they become more affordable, new green initiatives and government directives are creating an enormous opportunity for the adoption of LED lighting around the world. You can contribute to this noble mission too and make the world better for generations to come. The only thing you have to do is call us today!