Knob and tub wiring is common in houses built before 1945 in the Montreal and West Island areas. We see many cases in Westmount, NDG, Dorval and Pointe Claire especially. This original wiring method involves insulated single conductor wire designed to carry much less current than what we are using today. On many previous improper renovations, hooking up more devices on the same circuit has caused overload. In addition, some older cables have a different type of isolation, and adding insulation on the ceilings and walls will cause overheating. Now it’s easy to understand why knob & tub wiring is common with deteriorated, cracked or even missing insulation which can cause fire. On top of fire hazard is the risk of electrocution and damage of sensitive electronic equipment caused by wiring that is not grounded. In houses with knob & tub wiring, we also see significant elevated levels of EMF. It is nearly impossible to obtain home insurance for your property if your house has such wires.

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There is only one safe permanently solution: rewiring your house. We now know scary this process might seem. But this is the only solution that will make your family and home safe, while also adding substantial value to your property.

We are experts in rewiring homes like yours, and we have experience reducing EMFs in many homes, especially during renovations. We will assist you in the entire process of renovation and will recommend our partners who are specialists in the residential field.
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