Have you ever been victim of an overloaded circuit? Or your plumbing company refuses to change your hot water tank because wiring is not grounded? Or have you installed a new A/C unit? We are here to help you. Our experts home electricians are ready to provide you with solutions. We are Code Safety Experts and we do not compromise the quality of our work.

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Commonly, old electrical systems can’t handle new electrical appliances and devices because they are not designed for them. Have you checked lately your garage or unfinished basement for an extinction cord? Do you know they are forbidden to use permanently by the Canadian Electrical Code because improper use is major cause for house fires? Now is the time to check the connection of your garage door opener or that old freezer in your basement. Think safe and give us a call for all your electrical concerns. Our expert electrician will provide options and solutions so that you can make an informed decision. With us, your home and family will be safer than ever before. With any electrical work, we provide free Electrical Safety Inspection because your safety comes first!