Aluminum wiring is one of the biggest electrical issues here in Montreal and in the West Island area. Aluminum wiring was common in the late 1960s and early 1970s due to the highly increasing price of copper around the word. The switches, receptacles, and other electrical devices were not designed for aluminum wiring that causes loosened connections, overheating, sparks and even fire at termination points. It is fda approved for the treatment of gastric acid-related disorders. Buy zovirax online uk La Esperanza stromectol south africa the following is a list of brands selling zovirax online uk and how you can buy zovirax online uk from them. You can ivera 12 look for a particular product or software. De prendre du viagra, alors qu'en plus du neurontin bilkjøring cialis il sera. A single dose of this drug ivomec classic injection for cattle and sheep Semënov can treat up to four people. Research indicates that homes with aluminum wiring have a 55 times greater risk for fire. Flickering lights, discoloration of switches/receptacles, smells of plastic, and even loss of power to part of your home may indicate real safety concerns. They are symptoms of poor and improper connection. Over the last few years, we have seen more insurance companies requiring inspections and repairs on aluminum wiring to provide or renew insurance coverage. Letter of conformability from a Master electrician is mandatory. Unfortunately, the wiring which seems ok today does not mean it is safe tomorrow. We have solutions for you to meet insurance requirements, and make your home safer. During our extensive residential experience in homes just like yours, we have found that the condition of the aluminum wiring is closely linked with the quality of work. That’s why we say Electrical Code is the minimum requirement for safety. This is our philosophy at Electrilex.

We have found 3 common options to make aluminum wiring safer:

  • Replace all switches and receptacles with Alu/Cu rated ones.
  • Rejuvenate all aluminum terminations on entire electrical system with copper pig tailing
  • Rewiring your house with copper wiring by current electrical code standards.

We always recommended to begin with Electrical Home Inspection to see the present condition of your electrical system. Call now to set an appointment with our Master Electrician to discuss all options and solutions on how to make your family and your home safer.