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Every homeowner in St-Laurent  comes across “small” electrical jobs and repairs. But there is no job too small! Attending to do the job yourself can increase the risk of fire, compromise your safety, and result in rejected insurance claims. Only a certified electrician in St-Laurent  has the skills and experience to ensure these jobs are completed safely. It is also illegal in Quebec for anyone other than a licensed electrician to perform any electrical repairs or installations. It happens that too often, homeowners can’t find electricians because the job is ‘too small’. Luckily, we are here to serve you. Electrilex is the small job specialist. Our expert residential St-Laurent  electrician will take care of all your electrical needs with professionalism and attention to detail in every task we undertake.

At Electrilex, we are safety experts. The safety of your home and family is our priority. We believe many electrical issues can be avoided with preventative inspection. This is why with any electrical work, our expert home electrician in St-Laurent  will perform a free electrical safety inspection of your home in St-Laurent , to ensure that your electrical panel(breaker panel), electrical wiring, main grounding system, and smoke alarm are safe and compliant with the current Electrical Code and Safety regulations. We will suggest you different electrical solutions on how to increase the safety of your home and family and you will be given a no obligation free estimate so you can avoid any electrical inconveniences and unexpected expenses in the future. When you need top quality personal electrical service in St-Laurent , contact us.

Here are some of electrical services which can be performed by our St-Laurent  home electrician expert:


Diagnostic and repair by St-Laurent  residential electrician

Flickering lights, outlet that doesn’t work properly and breaker tripping are inconvenient in any home. They are also common signs of electrical problems hidden behind the wall. If you are concerned about your electrical system, or experience any electrical issues, our residential electricians in St-Laurent  are masters in troubleshooting and repair  ready to serve you

At Electrilex, we are St-Laurent  electrical safety experts. We do not look for a quick fix. Your home and family’s safety are our priority. Our professional St-Laurent  electrician will evaluate and diagnose your electrical system issues. When work is done, our expert St-Laurent  electricians will complete Free Electrical Safety Inspection to ensure your electrical system is safe and up to the current electrical code.

Our St-Laurent  electricians are knowledgeable, licenced and qualified electrician ready to diagnose and repair any electrical problem in your home. Our work is satisfaction guaranteed, because we are confident in our ability and experience.

Do not compromise safety on your home and family, call Electrilex your St-Laurent  Master Electrician now and we will take care of all your electrical concerns.


Home renovations by St-Laurent  electrician expert

Upgrading any existing electrical wiring is an important aspect of the renovation process. The electrical work is not more than 10 to 15 % of the cost of your renovation project.

Our expert home electrician in St-Laurent  will evaluate your electrical needs and will provide options and solutions for you. He will assist you in the renovation process by sharing his knowledge and experience, and answering any questions you have along the way. Did you know that any electrical work in St-Laurent  has to be performed by a licenced electrical contractor? Choosing Electrilex your Master St-Laurent  electrician will allow you to complete peacefully your dream project, and enjoy it safely once it is done. Give us a call today .


Panel and service upgrade in St-Laurent

Do you have an old electrical fuse panel, known like fuse box in your St-Laurent  home? Did the breaker trip when it wasn’t supposed to? Or your existing electrical service is only 100 A and not suffusion for all yours electrical needs? At Electrilex, we are St-Laurent  electrical panel and service upgrade electrical experts. Our Master Electrician In St-Laurent  will provide you with all the information and explain to you the different options so that you can make informed decisions. Do not forget to ask for whole house Surge Protection and how we can save you thousands of dollars and hassles. All Electrical Service Panel Upgrades in St-Laurent  are provided with a 10 years full warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call now to book an appointment to discuss your Breaker Box Upgrade options with our Master Electrician serving St-Laurent  area.


Lighting electrician expert

Whether you are looking to upgrade your light fixtures to add a little ambiance, or to increase your home’s security by installing outside lights, our expert lighting St-Laurent  electrician can do it. We are not just professional electricians in St-Laurent ; we have experience and knowledge to share with you to make the best of your lighting projects. Recessed lights, under cabinet or outside security or soffit lights can be installed with safety and professionalism always in mind. Our free lighting design together with expert St-Laurent  electrical service is guarantee to succeed and satisfy any lighting project in your St-Laurent  home. Call now to book appointment with our St-Laurent  residential electrician and don’t forget to ask about the eco-friendly LED lights and dimmers.

We are ready to serve any homeowner in St-Laurent . Call us now  514 691-0161


Heating electrician expert in St-Laurent

Are you considering baseboard heating? Or are you debating whether you should go with convection or radiant? Maybe even in-floor heating is on your mind? We have vast experience and our professional St-Laurent  heating electrician will provide different options and, together with you, will choose the best solutions. Along the way, he will advise you on how to reduce your electrical bill and increase the comfort in your home. These long and cold Canadian winters do not have to preoccupy you. Call as soon as possible to book an appointment with our St-Laurent  Master electrician.


Pool and Hot tub wiring and control installer in St-Laurent

At Electrilex, pool, spa, and hot tub wiring and control are areas we are experts in. Improper electrical installations close to water are especially dangerous, hence the importance of a qualified St-Laurent  Licensed Electrical Contractor to assist you. Do not compromise your family’s safety, and call us! Our residential electrician in St-Laurent  install and connect any control systems, salt water chlorinators, thermo pumps and everything associated with your St-Laurent  pool, spa or hot tub. Our St-Laurent  certified electrician will provide an estimate about the costs of wiring and his work meets all the requirements by the current Electrical Code and safety regulations. Even before you decide to purchase your hot tub, ask if your existing electrical service can handle the load. Expert advice today can save you big headaches tomorrow. Call to take appointment with our residential expert electrician in St-Laurent .


Electric car charger installer in St-Laurent

Are you thinking of buying an electrical car, or do you own one already?

At Electrilex, we have experience and knowledge to provide you with the best solutions on how to charge your car. Our electricians in St-Laurent  are experts at installing stage 1 and stage 2 electric vehicle charging stations in St-Laurent  area. What is the difference? What is the best option for you? We have the answers to all your questions.

Most electric cars like Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi I-MiEV, BMW i3, and Ford Focus Electric require stage 2 (20A or 30A) /240V charging stations. Some like the Tesla S models require up to 80A. Did you know that charging your electrical vehicle at 240-volts takes about half the time than the 120-volts? However, the installation of a dedicated circuit for a electric vehicle charging stations at your home in St-Laurent  is mandatory. This demand of power requires a power assessment by the Master electrician in St-Laurent  and is insisted upon by the manufacturer.

Call as today to set an appointment with our St-Laurent  Master Electrician and to learn more about Hydro Quebec’s financial assistance for the purchase and installation of a 240-volt EVcharging station at your home or office. We are St-Laurent  electric car charger installer you can trust.


Aluminum wiring and old house rewiring in St-Laurent

Aluminum wiring is one of the biggest electrical issues here in Montreal and in the West Island area. Aluminum wiring was common in the late 1960s and early 1970s due to the highly increasing price of copper around the word. The switches, receptacles, and other electrical devices were not designed for aluminum wiring that causes loosened connections, overheating, sparks and even fire at termination points. . Flickering lights, discoloration of switches/receptacles, smells of plastic, and even loss of power to part of your St-Laurent  home may indicate real safety concerns. They are symptoms of poor and improper connection. Over the last few years, we have seen more insurance companies requiring inspections and repairs on aluminum wiring in St-Laurent ’s homes to provide or renew insurance coverage. Letter of conformability from a Master electrician is mandatory.

Knob and tube wiring is common in houses built before 1945 in the Montreal and West Island areas. We see many cases in Westmount, NDG, Pointe Claire and St-Laurent  especially.

This original wiring method involves insulated single conductors designed to carry much less current than what we are using today. On many previous improper renovations in St-Laurent , hooking up more devices on the same circuit has caused overload. In addition, some older cables have a different type of isolation, and adding insulation on the ceilings and walls will cause overheating. Now it’s easy to understand why knob & tube wiring is common with deteriorated, cracked or even missing insulation which can cause fire. On top of fire hazard is the risk of electrocution and damage of sensitive electronic equipment caused by wiring that is not grounded. In St-Laurent  houses with knob & tube wiring, we also see significant elevated levels of EMF. It is nearly impossible to obtain home insurance for your property in St-Laurent  if your house has such wires. All our residential electricians in St-Laurent  are masters in rewiring old houses and aluminum rejuvenations. Call us now you are in good hands.

There is only one safe permanently solution: rewiring your St-Laurent  house . We now know scary this process might seem. But this is the only solution that will make your family and home safe, while also adding substantial value to your property.

We are St-Laurent  expert electricians in rewiring St-Laurent  house like yours, and we have experience reducing EMFs in many homes, especially during renovations. We will assist you in the entire process of renovation and will recommend our partners who are specialists in the residential field.

Call now to book an appointment with Electrilex and discuss your concerns with our St-Laurent  Master Electrician.


Electrical Home Inspection in St-Laurent

Are you looking for a new home in St-Laurent ? Is your insurance asking about the condition of your electrical system? Are you worried about the safety of your home and are looking out for your family? Our St-Laurent  expert home electrician will provide you with all the information you need. Upon inspection, we will present you with solutions to your electrical issues. We will also provide you with a free written estimate of the electrical work. Your family and home deserve the best in safety standards, and at Electrilex, we will help you achieve that. We will ensure that all your electrical systems function properly such that your home and family are all safe.

Call now for appointment with St-Laurent  electrician to learn which Electrical Home Inspection is best fitted for your home’s electrical needs.



Natural disaster restorations in St-Laurent

Electrilex is a St-Laurent  specialist in electrical restorations after fire, flood and storm damages. Our St-Laurent  expert electrician will secure the place and evaluate your electrical needs. Together with your insurance company, we will assist you in the important process of restoration. We are knowledgeable, and with our extensive experience, we will make your electrical system even better than it was before. Our electrical work is up to date to the current electrical code, so that you will not worry about safety. The matter is in our expert’s hands.

Fire, water, wind, and electrical damage can happen to anyone. When the unfortunate happens, you can count on Electrilex, St-Laurent  Electrical Entrepreneur to safely repair any electrical damage, and bring electricity back home .


New circuit and devices

Have you ever been victim of an overloaded circuit? Or your St-Laurent  plumbing company refuses to change your hot water tank because wiring is not grounded? Or have you installed a new A/C unit? We are here to help you. Our St-Laurent  experts home electricians are ready to provide you with solutions. We are Code Safety Experts and we do not compromise the quality of our work.

Commonly, old electrical systems can’t handle new electrical appliances and devices because they are not designed for them. Have you checked lately your garage or unfinished basement for an extinction cord? Do you know they are forbidden to use permanently by the Canadian Electrical Code because improper use is major cause for house fires? Now is the time to check the connection of your garage door opener or that old freezer in your basement. Think safe and give us a call your trusted home electrician for all your electrical concerns. Our St-Laurent  expert electrician will provide options and solutions so that you can make an informed decision. With us, your home and family will be safer than ever before. With any electrical work, we provide free Electrical Safety Inspection in St-Laurent  because your safety comes first!