Electrilex is a residential electrical service company based in Pointe-Claire. We serve the Montreal and West Island areas and provide homeowners like you with high quality services and the best in safety standards. But we are more than just a service provider – we provide creative electrical solutions to our clients.

We have solutions for all your electrical needs. If you are looking for an electrician to repair or to rewire your home, upgrading the service panel or installing lighting fixture, we are here to help you. We are experts in rewiring older homes and upgrading existing aluminum wirings. Our experience and knowledge will make your new electrical system safer. We can help you reduce and eliminate unnecessary sources of electromagnetic radiations. Our work practices exceed professional standards and are fully compliant with the electrical code and safety standards.

We are a customer-focused electrical service company. Our clients receive great customer experience and personalized attention. At Electrilex, we consider that a job is never fully done until you are entirely satisfied! Electrilex is a proud member of the Corporation des Maîtres Électriciens du Québec. We are entitled to undertake & carry out all electrical work to highest standards of safety and quality that you would expect from an Master Electrician.

Every homeowner in Montreal and the West Island area comes across “small” electrical jobs and repairs. But there is no job too small! Attending to do the job yourself can increase the risk of fire, compromise your safety, and result in rejected insurance claims. Only a certified electrician has the skills and experience to ensure these jobs are completed safely. It is also illegal in Quebec for anyone other than a licensed electrician to perform any electrical repairs or installations. It happens that too often, homeowners can’t find electricians because the job is ‘too small’. Luckily, we are here to serve you. Electrilex is the small job specialist. Our expert residential electrician will take care of all your electrical needs with professionalism and attention to detail in every task we undertake.

At Electrilex, we are safety experts. The safety of your home and family is our priority. We believe many electrical issues can be avoided with preventative inspection. This is why with any electrical work, our expert home electrician will perform a free electrical safety inspection of your home anywhere in the Montreal and the West Island, to ensure that your electrical panel, electrical wiring, main grounding system, and smoke alarm are safe and compliant with the current Electrical Code and Safety regulations. We will suggest you different solutions on how to increase the safety of your home and family and you will be given a no obligation free estimate so you can avoid any electrical inconveniences and unexpected expenses in the future. When you need top quality personal electrical service in Montreal and the West Island area, contact us.