The ground fault circuit interrupter, known as GFCI, is an electrical device that provides personal protection against electrical shock when you come into contact with electricity, such as outdoor outlets and fixtures, swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs, kitchens, bathroom and laundry rooms.

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GFCIs protect your family and home from short-circuits and ground faults too. Properly installed Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) by a licenced electrician in your home is a Code requirement for your safety.

Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are safety devices for homes that protect you and your family from dangerous arching that can easily turn into fires. Arching is caused by unsafe home wiring, accidentally pierced electrical cables, loose electrical connections, and worn electrical insulations. We highly recommend installing an AFCI breaker to ensure safety and protection to your home, especially if your electrical system is with aluminum or knob&tub wiring. Since 2005, Quebec’s Electrical code requires that every bedroom circuit be protected with AFCI. Don’t risk electrocution or fire in your home. Contact us today to have one of our expert electricians install GFCI and AFCI protection.