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Why You Need An Electrician: Pool and SPA Safety Tips



Pool and SPA Safety Tips

  • Try and keep all outdoor holders near pools and spas dry and covered at all times.
  • Install GFCIs near your pool or spa. They are a great help for preventing deadly shocks from electrical currents.
  • Make sure you ground any equipment you have for your pool or spa, this includes all sorts of cleaning equipment.
  • Keep any devices or poles at least 10 feet away from the pool or spa at all times.
  • Appliances and tools operated by batteries are safer to use around pools and spas than cord tools.
  • Never handle electrical devices when wet or coming out of the pool.
  • Make sure your pool or spa is not installed over a power line.
  • Do not go in a pool or a spa before, during or after a thunderstorm or a storm that looks like one.
  • Make sure only licensed electricans inspect your pool or spa.


Spa and Pool Electrical Repair

Need electrical repair help for  your pool or spa? Your first instinct might be to call a pool technician  but that may not be the best idea. Pool technicians are skilled workers at adjusting pool chemicals such as chlorine, cleaning the pool and even adjusting some of its internal settings. However, it might be best for your house and family’s safety to hired an experienced, insured and fully licensed electrician who can work on the electrical components of your pool.


Services Offered by Electrilex for your Pool and SPA:


No matter if you need repairs or installation of a new pool or spa, our master electrician will help you choose the layout of your pool project. Our master electrician has decades of experience with all types of electrical maintenance, including pools, SPAs, whirlpools, etc. If you need servicing in the Montreal and West-Island regions, including Dorval and Kirkland, do not hestitate to call us at (514) 691-0161 or request a quote online.

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